Should we and how to use the betting exchanges

Betting exchanges sites like Betfair allow players to back a possible outcome of a match just like a real bookmaker does. Thus, using betting exchanges sites each of us can become a bookmaker and offer odds to other players who themselves decide would they buy it or not.

This opens up really big opportunities for all sports betting fans for one very important reason. With betting exchange sites you can choose from thousands of bookmakers, not just a bunch of them. This gives additional opportunities to bet at better odds, which allows even with a lower success rate to be profitable.

One important clarification is needed here. In betting exchanges the site takes commissions for the service they provide for the transaction between the players. This is an amount which is taken from the winner and must be calculated in the coefficient.

Why to use betting exchanges rather than the traditional bookmakers such as bet365, bet-at-home and William Hill? The reason is simple and it is that the bookies are much stronger players than the ordinary punters against who you can stand if you use the betting exchanges.

Perhaps the best way to explain this is by an analogy between sports betting and poker. Gambling with bookmakers like bet365, bet-at-home and William Hill is like playing poker with some of the world’s best players. It is clear that no matter how good you are after a certain amount of bets you are going to lose because they are just better than you.

But gambling in a betting exchange is just like playing poker on any of the thousands of tables on the web where you can surely find someone who just decided to play a few bucks while sipping a beer and watching something on TV. It is clear that your chances in this case are several times higher.

That’s why to bet with betting exchanges is part of the mandatory arsenal of every true bettor and should be carefully studied and used whenever possible.